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The online services are run by volunteers located in Australia.

The free online English classes are for Latinos based in Australia and Latinos overseas who are considering coming to Australia in the future but would like to improve their English first. In this way, people who are planning to come to Australia can participate in the online sessions and start working towards the level of English they need when they arrive in Australia.

They can also learn what Australian life is like from people who are living here. They can start integrating and making contacts so that when they do come to Australia, they will have a network of people they know.

Registration process

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Step 1

Sign up here

After signing up, you’ll receive the following:

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Student’s code

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Step 2

Take the tests you’ll find at the following links to determine your current English level:

Step 3

Send an email to with:

Screenshot of the English exam results.

Student’s code

We will send you the information about the time and day of your class.

English classes levels



Low intermediate

Upper intermediate

Helpful tips

Enter the appropriate level for you

Participate and let others participate

Use the raise hand button

Enjoy your learning

We seek to have a positive impact on our community and we achieve that from the community.




English Teachers Volunteers


The online English facilitator and teacher roles aim to boost participants’ confidence in English language skills. Participants, adult migrants aged 18 to 65 from a Latin American background, gain opportunities to develop leadership, presentation, and facilitation abilities.

For English facilitator volunteers, an Australian background is preferred but not mandatory to aid students in understanding the Aussie accent and idioms. However, volunteers from diverse English-speaking backgrounds are welcome.

English teacher volunteers must have teaching experience and preferably an Australian background to assist students with the Australian accent and idioms. Nevertheless, volunteers from various English-speaking backgrounds are also encouraged to participate.

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You can join any of our free online classes whether you are you are in Australia or in Latin America.

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