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What We're All About

League of Latin American Migrants Australia – LLAMA INCORPORATED – is a not-for-profit focus on the demand of the Latin community in Australia helping them enhances the migrant experience and their transition in Australia.

LLAMA is an educational not-for-profit organization and registered charity

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Our Mission

LLAMA’s mission is to supports the needs of international students, migrants, refugees and the established members from Hispanic and Brazilian background in Australia.  LLAMA aims to provide quality services, programs and activities that address the needs and challenges faced by the Hispanic and Brazilian speaking communities in Australia, including English language classes, educational programs, advice for those seeking employment in Australia, and referrals to other communities and government organisations.”

Our Vision

LLAMA’s vision are:
  • Become a one-stop hub for all the Latinos and Brazilian communities in Australia.
  • We seek to ease the transition to Australia of international students, migrants, and refugees from Latin America, and to enhance the experience of the established members of the Latin community at all stages of the journey in Australia.
  • Make an impact on the Latino community in Australia expanding progressively the services, programs and activities.
  • Have a motivated, well-trained, solid, and stable volunteers team based on the commitment to the organisation.

Organisation Values

Leadership – We seek to lead change in the way the Hispanic and Brazilian  community obtain support and resources as they transition and adapt to their lives in Australia.

Legacy – We want to create a legacy for future endeavours aiming to support and advocate for the Latin American community.

Authenticity – We want to be pioneers in the services provided, delivering unique, authentic and innovative programs.

Multiculturalism – We celebrate the differences among the many nationalities and cultures that create the Latin American community.

Altruism – Our fundamental objective is to support and promote the development of the La American community through free-of-charge services and programs.

Our organisation’s services are defined by 3 stages in the lives of Latinos and brazilian in Australia:

• The transition to Australia.

• Adaption and stability of life in Australia.

• Professional development.



LLAMA is an acronym that stands for League of Latin American Migrants Australia.