• Mental health and wellbeing workshops
  • Online English conversational sessions with Australian facilitators
  • Online English classes with Australian teachers
  • Professional and personal development workshops
  • Integration into Australian culture
  • Referral to support services
LLAMA is run completely by volunteers, with 80 % of them being part of the Latin American community. This gives the organisation a thorough understanding of the needs and challenges faced by our beneficiaries. LLAMA delivers free online and face-to-face programs, the face-to-face programs are delivered in the main cities of Australia.

The online services are run by volunteers located in both Australia and Latin America, which represents a unique offering in the market. In this way, people who are planning to come to Australia can participate in the online sessions and start working towards the level of English they need when they arrive to Australia. They can also learn what Australian life is like from people who are living here. They can start integrating and making contacts so that when they do come to Australia, they will have a network of people they know.